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Beyond Gourmet Oat Milk Bag

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  • Beyond Gourmet's Oat Milk Bag offers the optimal weave and shape to strain homemade oat milk to remove unwanted bits

  • Made from 100-percent natural cotton; reusable; measures 14 x 10.5-inches

  • Conical shape funnels milk through the bottom rather than the sides; wide opening fits over standard blender carafes, pitchers, bottles, or bowls

  • Seamless bottom and double-reinforced stitching won't burst under pressure; heavy drawstring with cord lock secures in place and keeps pulp inside

  • Rinses clean without any soap and air dry thoroughly

  • Natural Cotton

  • 14" x 10.5" x 0.125 WT:

Beyond Gourmet's Oat Milk Bag offers the optimal weave and shape to strain homemade oat milk easily into a collection container while trapping unblended bits inside. Unlike using traditional round or square nut milk bags, which filter liquids through their sides, Beyond Gourmet's unique conical design helps blended oat milk filter down through the bottom and directly into bottles, carafes, and other storage containers for time-saving efficiency and less mess. The extra-wide opening fits over standard pitchers, bottles, blender carafes, or bowls for easy pouring. Its heavy drawstring with cord lock secures it in place and holds unblended bits inside to the very last squeeze. The seamless bottom and double-reinforced side stitching won't burst under pressure. It's so easy to use. Simply place the Oak Milk Bag inside a bottle, pitcher, carafe, or bowl. Tighten the drawstring around the top of the container and lock it in place. Pour blended oats into the bag, loosen the drawstring, close bag all the way, and secure the drawstring lock again. Lightly squeeze oat milk down through the narrow end until it's fully filtered. Then, open the bag, turn it inside out, and discard pulp or use it for baking. For best results, do not aggressively or over squeeze to avoid a slimy texture. Made from natural unbleached cotton. To clean, turn inside out, discard contents, rinse clean under running water without any soap, and air dry thoroughly.